Current and Future Activities P.R. GoodWill .Inc


PR GoodWill Inc.
Detailed Report of Current and Future ActivitiesPR GoodWill Inc., was recently registered with the Department of State of Puerto Rico onSeptember 7, 2022 with registration number 493631. This non-profit legal entity,created with the purpose of Developing new leaders to create more community power, workshopssocial and economic to deepen various situations, such as the economy and equality ofeach country and town and impact affected families in case of emergencies.

PR GoodWill Inc., will be offering services to every individual, family and community in PuertoRico giving the task of developing leaders, helping families in need in times of
disasters or emergency events, and working with other organizations for the purpose ofimprove the quality of life in communities. Our current Activities began when Hurricane Fiona hit, on September 18 from 2022; where tours were made and families and individuals were identified in the town of Loiza and Canovanas, where they suffered floods, landslides, due to the opening of gates of the Carriazo Dam. At that time, families and individuals withthe purchase of household goods, room sets, basic necessities, food, water, clothing, etc.As families are still being identified and helping people from this event, according toavailable funds that we have received through the efforts of Faith in Action and individuals whohave contributed anonymously through our website

Our next activities to be carried out in the future are the following as specifiedin the statutes and regulations of the entity that are cited as follows:
1. Encourage and help the growth of new leaders, offering social workshops, to participatethrough active charity in assistance, human promotion and developmentcomprehensive of the most disadvantaged.

2. Study, if possible with other organizations, the various economic problems andsocial at the local and international level. Investigate the causes of this, propose solutions
consistent with justice and the dignity of the individual, and encourage members of theorganizations to undertake the same studies and research in collaboration with these organizations.

3. Favor the creation of new leaders by offering different social workshops,Professional volunteers, if necessary, contribute to the development of these leaders.

4. Promote the collaboration of affiliated organizations and the coordination of local and international activities, without interfering with their autonomy.

5. Participate in the efforts of the communities to improve their individual and collective living conditions, with a view to the full development of the individual.

6. Stimulate and coordinate the assistance activities of its members in the event of catastrophes, as well as; where certain particular circumstances may require an urgent solution; and, if there is no adequate and competent local body, to take charge of implementation on the ground.

7. Represent at the local and international levels the members who have adhered to these Statutes, cooperate, as much as possible, with other local and international aid and development organizations.

As the entity grows, and receives more funds from private entities and individuals, new projects will be created to fulfill the purpose of the entity; approved by the Board of Directors. PR GoodWill Inc. is processing the Federal Exemption, and the State Exemption to comply with all the legal and tax requirements provided by the Federal Law and the Law of Puerto Rico, for this non-profit entity.