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When you support PR GoodWill, 100% of your donation is applied to the disaster relief.


  1. Are you a foundation?

    • We are a non-profit organization focused on community empowerment, being first responders in times of emergencies.
  2. How does your organization use its funds?

    • We use the funds to empower communities through the teaching of leadership and problem-solving skills.
  3. How do they guarantee the proper use of funds?

    • We have a full-time accountant and we must report to both government systems and our sponsors about the use of donated funds.
  4. Do you provide direct financial assistance to individuals?

    • Our main focus is community empowerment, but in some cases aligned with our mission and available funds, we can provide aid to individual people.
  5. What is the difference between your work as an organization and that of a foundation?

    • Foundation and organizations their vision and mission is very close, they work for the same end community welfare.
  6. How do you select community leaders?

    • We look for people who are passionate about their community and willing to work to improve it.
  7. How do you choose the problems to address in a community?

    • We speak with community members to understand what problems are most important to them.
  8. Do you have a certified accountant?

    • Yes, we have a full-time accountant that ensures our financial transparency.
  9. Are you legally registered at the state and federal level?

    • Yes, we are legally registered at both levels.
  10. Do you pay taxes?

  • As a non-profit organization, we are exempt from paying some types of state and federal taxes.
  1. Are you sponsored by any entity?
  • Yes, we are sponsored by Faith in Action and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  1. How do you select the communities to impact?
  • We visit communities and meet with leaders from each community in order to get a close understanding of where problems exist that affect the growth of a community. Such as social, economic, and racial issues to determine where to start our mission and make a difference.
  1. Do you receive any aid from Puerto Rico?
  • No, currently our sponsors are American.
  1. Can people volunteer in your organization?
  • Yes, volunteers are crucial to our operations. They can contact us for more information.
  1. How can businesses partner with you?
  • Businesses can partner with us in various ways, such as providing funding, supplies, or volunteers.
  1. What kind of projects do you carry out?
  • We carry out various projects, all of them with the aim of empowering and minimizing the problems that hinder the growth of a community.
  1. Do local people have the opportunity to become leaders?
  • Yes, that is our mission. Empower locals to become leaders in their communities and through their leadership, we can quickly impact the needs of the community.
  1. How can I support your organization?
  • There are several ways to support us, from volunteering and donating supplies to financial contributions.
  1. What are the goals of a community project?
  • Its main purpose is problem-solving and interaction with the environment and community collaboration, as well as integral development.
  1. What is the vision for the future?
  • Our vision is to continue with empowerment and leadership projects for young children and adults in communities, to minimize social and racial problems in the communities of each town or city so that they build a better future.
  1. Why should I support your organization?
  • We are a transparent entity, we define our projects and fulfill our mission. We strive tirelessly for sustainable change by teaching people to empower themselves and others instead of providing temporary aid.
  1. How do you measure success?
  • We measure success by the number of people we have empowered, the projects completed, and the improvements in people's lives.
  1. What sets you apart from other aid organizations?
  • Our unique focus on empowering people to become leaders and problem solvers sets us apart.
  1. Do you work with other organizations?
  • Yes, we collaborate with other organizations to achieve greater impact.
  1. What do you do if a project does not work?
  • We evaluate, learn from our mistakes, and adapt to improve.
  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
  • Seeing how people become leaders and improve their own lives and communities is the most rewarding part.
  1. Why is community empowerment important?
  • Community empowerment leads to sustainable change and self-sufficiency.
  1. Can you receive international support?
  • Yes, we warmly welcome any kind of support, be it local or international.
  1. What results have you achieved so far?
  • We have helped many people become leaders and improve their communities.
  1. Do you have expansion plans?
  • We always work on the process of expansion so as to contribute a broad and positive impact.